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IMAGINutrition is a nutritional technology and demand creation think tank. We are consultants to the natural products industry, with a focus on dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, functional beverages and cosmeceuticals. We create, find, and develop ingredients and products that work, are safe, can’t be duplicated and generate consumer buzz. Our goal is helping consumer product marketers fulfill the industry’s heritage of supporting health and well-being. By applying sound scientific principles to the development, validation and marketing of natural products, we can protect the credibility—and ultimately the survival—of our industry. Most importantly, we can infect the consumer with a degree of confidence that often is lacking or absent, obscured by hype and hollow claims.

How will your company increase its visibility and customer loyalty in a time of diminishing marketshare? As the industry grows, it is more crucial than ever to differentiate your product in a way that adds real value for the consumer. Why not offer the consumer the confidence that the product for sale has been shown to be safe and effective? Whether you seek a clinical trial, innovative formulating, technology transfer or demand creation for your product, IMAGINutrition can help. With many decades of experience in the industry and a talented panel of think tank members, we are uniquely qualified to advise your natural products company.

  • Custom product formulation incorporating the latest scientific
    research and novel raw materials
  • Technology transfer of IP-protected methods, compositions and ingredients
  • Market opportunity/landscape review and recommendations
  • Audit of IP and science on internal and external projects

  • Cost-effective, fast-track clinical trials at university-affiliated laboratories and research centers
  • Network of premier research scientists with a broad range of specialties
  • Expedite publication and presentation of data in respected scientific forums and peer-reviewed journals

  • Data-Driven Demand Creation® showcasing your scientific data
    through a variety of media outlets
  • Powerful brand architecture and advertising campaigns
  • Generate publicity and awareness with industry-specific vehicles

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