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Is your company thriving in the new, science-driven, natural products marketplace? Companies inventing intellectual property and marketing scientific technology are transforming the industry. Owning a novel, validated product or ingredient is the most powerful shield you have against the flattery of knock-offs and the drain of competitors piggybacking on your marketing dollars. Why let others pirate your data and innovations?


IMAGINutrition provides you with the nutritional technology and knowledge assets essential to success. We can create and develop novel, ground-up compositions that are infused with intellectual property (IP) and a specific science package—at high throughput speed. We can also identify nascent technologies that are lying dormant or immature and bring them to you for maturation, in-licensing or outright acquisition (technology transfer plus value creation). Our broad scope and penetrating depth can identify the appropriate ingredient and product inventions for your business, needing only a “proof of concept” study or just robust marketing and distribution. For us, IP only starts with a patent, but can end much further downstream, yielding a truly “competitor-insulated” innovation.


If your company is looking for a head start, we offer a number of technology creation, maturation and transfer opportunities, many offering intellectual property protection and clinical validation studies. Through our sister company, MetaResponse Sciences, we conduct university and private research for product validation and IP creation. Are you ready to innovate yet?


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