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Is your R&D department delivering the scientific validation that your educated customer requires? Are you overspending and under-receiving on human studies? All of the shoppers we have seen are human, yet you rarely see a dietary supplement that has been validated by clinical research instead of rats, petri dishes or best guesses. Nothing communicates your company’s commitment to consumer confidence better than carefully collected human data obtained from an objective clinical trial. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study to validate your product’s safety and efficacy builds an invincible scientific marketing and PR platform.


IMAGINutrition's sister company, MetaResponse Sciences, serves as a liaison between the natural products manufacturer and the university-linked research laboratory. We have a growing network of over 35 university-based clinical centers with diverse and complementary research specialties. Unfortunately, many companies are discouraged by the perceived high cost associated with typical clinical research organizations, or even going directly to a researcher. IMAGINutrition can design and conduct a superior trial with a leading university or university-affiliated center - one specializing in the field - at a significant savings to you. In fact, a study may cost you as little as a single print ad in a national consumer magazine.


We have been co-investigators on over 60 clinical trials, ranging from our expertise in sports nutrition to arthritis and metabolic disorders. To see the types of studies we have performed, published and presented, we invite you to visit the other pages in this section. You are also encouraged to read the bios of the scientists in our think tank. Make an investment in real science - it's an investment in the future of your product, your company's brand heritage and the confidence of your customers.


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